Does your workplace need a mental health first aider?

“Hi, how are you?” Most of us start the working day by asking how colleagues are doing, but we may not expect an honest answer. What would you do if a colleague replied: “I’m struggling with my mental health.” Would you feel able to respond? Or worried you may say the wrong thing?

For years I was a first aider in a busy office, dealing with everything from nosebleeds to chest pain and stroke. My training gave me the confidence to get involved and the knowledge to decide whether I needed paramedics. People often said I handled these incidents well, but mostly I just provided calm, compassionate support until the professionals arrived.

These days I give first aid training in the workplace – but for the mind, not the body.

First aid for physical health has been around for a century, but only in recent decades has something similar emerged for mental wellbeing. Originating in Australia, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a programme which came to England in 2007.

Most mental health situations in the workplace won’t be an emergency. Making a difference to a colleague who’s struggling is easier than you might think and small acts of compassion can make a huge difference

Many Thanks,Justin Cowles | Managing Director
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