Face Fit Testing

Face Fit testing is a method of ensuring that a facepiece or mask is tight-fitting and seals adequately to the wearer’s face.

We offer a full qualitative (QLFT) face fit test solution for you and your staff onsite at a venue suitable for your business. Qualitative testing is suitable for disposable and re-usable half masks.

Face Fit Testing in Norfolk

Qualitative Test Process (QLFT)

QLFT uses an aerosol of either a bitter tasting substance (Bitrex) or a sweet substance (Saccharine). This solution is sprayed into the hood over a period of seven minutes whilst the wearer undertakes 7 exercises designed to stretch the seal of the mask.

If after the 7 exercises (7 minutes), the candidate has not tasted the test substance, it is regarded as a pass and a suitable mask has been identified for that individual.

The final part of the process is for the candidate to break the seal, this is to demonstrate how effective the mask has been.


  • You cannot eat, drink, smoke or vape 30 minutes before the test is due to begin as this can affect the quality of the test.
  • The person being tested must be clean-shaven. A beard or stubble means that a suitable seal cannot be made and renders the mask ineffective.
  • You must bring with you the masks you wish to use – a selection is advised in case of a poor fit. BLS Safety and Training does not provide masks.
  • If you require advice on what mask would be suitable please contact us.


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