Health Care

HealthCare_IconThere are of course plenty of situations where straight forward first aid training simply won’t be sufficient and so we are pleased to offer a wide range of individually designed specialist medical courses ranging from the care of medicines to tissue viability and infection control.

One of our most popular courses at BLS is the use of an AED (or Automated External Defibrillator). This simple, easy to use piece of kit really does save lives during cardiac emergencies. Whilst formal training isn’t necessary to use the emergency AEDs that are available in many public places now, just how happy would you be to grab one off the wall and stick it on a patient having a heart attack? Our training helps develop an understanding of what AEDs do and don’t do and how to use one with confidence.

Drawing on the wealth of knowledge held by our trainers (who include nurses, paramedics and pharmacists) we can truly tailor our courses to your needs. BLS are also happy to provide training at our venue or on your site. This flexibility allows the opportunity for training to be done in the surroundings and using the equipment that will be available on a day to day basis.

Courses We Offer

• Edexcel First Person on Scene (Basic and Intermediate)
• Moving and Handling of People
• Basic Life Support
• Automated External Defibrillator
• Medical Gases
• Airway Management
• Anaphylaxis
• General Practice mandatory training
• Dental Practise mandatory training
• Venepuncture
• Infection Prevention and Control
• Safe Guarding of Vulnerable Adults
• Dementia Awareness
• Mental Health Awareness
• Care Staff Induction training
• Care of Medicines in care home setting
• Nutrition and Health Awareness
• End of Life Care
• Pressure Ulcer Care
• Needle Stick Awareness