As you by now all know, times have been a-changing with regards the HSE requirements for providers of first aid training. These changes have seen a flourish of new training providers appear on the market, some of which are offering very ‘cut price’ training.
At BLS we stick firmly by our promise and our commitment to our customers to provide the very best quality training at sensible and affordable prices. So what makes us different? Quite simply all of our trainers and assessors are fully qualified and registered healthcare professionals in their own right. This means you can learn from our trainers ‘real life’ day in day out experiences. This depth of knowledge and wealth of healthcare experience means that not only do you get the very best training available but also take away the confidence to use it when it really matters. There is a world of difference for example between knowing what an AED looks like and having the confidence (from good training) to use it.
And lest we forget, the changes implemented by the HSE mean it is for the company to prove ‘due diligence’ in their selection of first aid training. It is now your responsibility to check that you choose a training provider that meets the HSE requirements. Make sure you choose a provider who can demonstrate the professionalism and meet the high standard of training you need.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at BLS if we can be of any assistance or if you require us to explain how we prove due diligence under the legislation.